53. What's the hidden business behind your business? w/Rent the Runway's Jenn Hyman

Masters of Scale

Jan 9 2020 • 40 mins

Rent the Runway co-founder Jenn Hyman knows: Behind every successful business is another business backstage, one you might not expect. Rent the Runway is known for creating a glamorous "closet in the cloud,” but as Hyman explains, it achieved unicorn status by mastering a few less glamorous businesses — including the world’s largest dry-cleaning operation, and a data insights practice that’s changing the fashion industry. Cameo appearance: Kevin Venardos (Venardos Circus); Stewart Butterfield (Slack).

Read Jenn Hyman's essay on the making of this episode: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mastering-businesses-behind-our-business-jennifer-hyman/

Learn more about the Venardos Circus: https://www.venardoscircus.com/

Listen to Stewart Butterfield on Masters of Scale: http://listen.mastersofscale.com/StewartButterfield

Read a transcript of this interview at: https://mastersofscale.com/jenn-hyman-the-secret-business-behind-the-business/

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