Mustafa Suleyman: Empathy in AI

Masters of Scale

Sep 27 2023 • 46 mins

The buzz about AI focuses on how we can bolster our skills, knowledge and efficiency. But what role can AI play in enriching our lives as social beings with feelings, relationships and dreams?

In this special interview, Mustafa Suleyman and Reid Hoffman — co-founders of Inflection AI, and two of the leading AI minds today — sit down to discuss the human-centered ideals at the core of Mustafa's cutting-edge work. They offer a clear eyed, optimistic view on how AI will revolutionize our lives.

Mustafa discusses his early experiences with AI, his pioneering work with DeepMind and Google, and the ideals that were central in creating the AI Assistant, Pi. He also discusses how we should be actively creating the future that we want to see, as outlined in his recent book, The Coming Wave.

This interview is also the ideal primer for our upcoming miniseries "AI and You," in which Reid will talk with an array of AI leaders (including Mustafa) to explore how you can harness AI to scale your productivity, your business, and yourself, while staying safe in the process.

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