8 reliable lessons for unreliable times

Masters of Scale

Jan 7 2021 • 54 mins

If 2021 is even half as unpredictable as 2020 was, you'll need to dig deep into your resilience and wisdom to get through. We've pulled together this special episode of Masters of Scale to serve as a sort of primer for the new year, full of lessons learned from the sometimes devastating, sometimes inspiring year we just put behind us. These lessons come from a range of guests we've spoken to in a time of incredible change. Some are stories about doing everything right – and still ending up in crisis. Others are about overcoming the odds with grit, heart, and compassion. Featuring GM's Mary Barra, Jeff Wiener, Jonah Peretti, Rashad Robinson, Colleen DeCourcy, Susan Wojcicki, and more.

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Mary Barra (GM): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/GMMaryBarra

Ellen Kullman (Dupont, Carbon): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/CarbonEllenKullman

Jonah Peretti (BuzzFeed): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/BuzzFeedJonahPeretti

Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/LinkedInJeffWeiner

Hans Vestberg (Verizon): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/VerizonHansVestberg

Brian Cornell (Target): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/TargetBrianCornell

Rashad Robinson (Color of Change): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/ColorofChangeRashadRobinson

Baratunde Thurston (Host, Author): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/HostBaratundeThurston

Eddy Lu (GOAT): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/GOATEddyLu

Colleen DeCourcy (Wieden+Kennedy): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/Wieden-KennedyColleenDeCourcy

Eva Moskowitz (Success Academy): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/SuccessAcademyEvaMoskowitz

Drew Houston (Dropbox): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/DropboxDrewHouston

Mary Schmidt Campbell (Spelman College): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/SpelmanCollegeSchmidtCampbell

Susan Wojcicki (YouTube): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/YouTubeSusanWojcicki

Sarah Friar (Nextdoor): http://listen.mastersofscale.com/NextdoorSarahFriar

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