Interview with Dr. Tanielle Brew-Smith – Want to Level Up? Spark Joy

Stepping into Soul Power

Nov 29 2022 • 39 mins

Are you fulfilled? What would happen if you manifested a life full of joy? Dr. Tanielle Brew-Smith was an obesity and family medicine doctor when she caught onto the idea of helping people find happiness through coaching. Combining self-reflection, mindfulness meditation, yoga and life coaching, Dr. Brew-Smith creates empowering sessions for high-achieving professionals to help them relieve stress, increase joy and gain fulfillment in life.  Many people can find themselves relating to the positive influence coaches play in their lives.  This episode features Dr. Elizabeth Ssemanda talking with founder and CEO of Brew Wellness Collective, Dr. Tanielle Brew-Smith about her journey of wellness, how she lost 100lbs, ways to empower your mind and body, and advice for those looking to cultivate their own joyful sense of well-being.

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