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Kyle Leon Henderson

Kyle has always experienced life through conversation. This is the podcast where those conversations take place. He has lived in New York City and Los Angeles as an improv performer and writer. And through the conversations he has on a daily basis with everyone he meets, there is one consistent truth: it is through conversation that we realize what we think, how we feel, and what we believe. So these conversations are Not For Nothing…

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108: Danielle Soto... Thank You For Being a Friend
Feb 23 2024
108: Danielle Soto... Thank You For Being a Friend
Kyle is proud to introduce the audience to the one friend he has that might love classic television sitcoms more than he does. Danielle Soto is a prolific writer, comedian, and podcast host that hails from Boston and now lives in Los Angeles. And she happens to be one of the world's foremost Golden Girls experts. She has a fantastic podcast called "Dr. Cheesecake" in which she welcomes her guests to the show and they tell her a problem they might be having in their life and she will prescribe an episode of The Golden Girls that will make it all better. Kyle met Danielle in 2022 and they instantly forged a bond over their encyclopedic knowledge of all things classic television: From Lucille Ball to Norman Lear and beyond! For the entire month of February, Kyle has been spotlighting historical figures for Black History Month, but today, he is spotlighting two modern trailblazers in the world of entertainment. April Denise Kimble is a writer, comedian, and Golden Girls enthusiast since birth. She mines The Golden Girls for all of the black representation that can be found, and also looks for the ways the show stands as an ally for the community. She also holds the show accountable for its shortcomings with grace and class. You can follow April Denise Kimble on Instagram @theblackblanche And follow her on YouTube at Scott is a Pittsburgh-based artist who rose to legend status with his transcindent rendition of The Golden Girls theme song. It instantly went viral and has helped redefine what it means to love The Golden Girls in the 21st century. You can follow Aaron Scott in Instagram @finally_aaronSee all of his music and content on his YouTube channel, including the original video that made him a Golden Girls icon at you can also always follow Kyle and his guests on Instagram as well.@kyleleonhnderson@goldengirlsdocAnd finally, the two episodes of The Golden Girls that were mentioned in today's show as Danielle's favorite episode ever are the following. Season 6 Episode 15: Miles to GoSeason 6 Episode 21: Witness