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Whose Amazing Life?


You venture deep into the jungle to solve its greatest mysteries. You gaze at Earth from the surface of the moon. You write music that has the whole world humming along. WHOSE AMAZING LIFE? is the new series from the creators of Little Stories Everywhere and Adventures of Cairo. Walk in the shoes of the world’s most inspiring people, from Amelia Earhart to Lin-Manuel Miranda to Ariana Grande. Experience the challenges and triumphs they faced on their journeys — before everyone on the planet knew their names. Listen closely for clues, because we won’t reveal who the person is until the very end of each episode! Each week brings a new adventure where listeners of all ages can immerse themselves in the life of someone amazing.

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Our Editor's Take

Part game show, part biography, Whose Amazing Life? takes a straightforward idea and executes it brilliantly. The idea behind the podcast is simple. The host will walk listeners through the life of a famous person. Along the way, they will explain who this person is and all their accomplishments.

The catch? Listeners won't find out who the host is talking about until the end of the episode! Will listeners be able to figure out who the host is describing before the show is over? That's one of the many thrills of listening to Whose Amazing Life? This family podcast follows in the tradition of some of NPR's most popular shows, such as Wait Wait Don't Tell Me!

NPR has long been a provider of high-quality educational programming. For many years, those shows had an adult audience in mind. Now NPR has finally expanded its repertoire to include children's programming as well. They bring the same standard of excellence to this show as they do all of their other works.

While geared towards children, Whose Amazing Life? is fun for the whole family. The great thing about this show is that it allows kids to learn about historical figures and contemporary notables easily. Getting kids to sit through a history lesson is challenging. With this podcast, they learn and play at the same time.

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