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Craig Kautsch

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur struggling to find timeless principles to apply to build your business, the True Grit Podcast will help. Building a company and life with meaning takes True Grit. Every week it’s Craig’s job to tease out the effective strategies top performers employ to build their businesses and live a balanced life. Craig Kautsch is an entrepreneur in the real estate space. He’s the owner of a portfolio investment company that has bought, restored, and financed almost 1,000 homes. He also founded two mortgage companies and a real estate brokerage with over 100 agents. At 47 he keeps himself busy with his wife of 25 years, two twenty-something children, yoga, 4 motorcycles, mountain bikes, and an electric skateboard (25 mph.) Learn more at: craigkautsch.com

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Bill Kraftson
Sep 13 2021
1 hr 5 mins
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My next guest is a local entrepreneurial enigma...no one is quite sure what he does and he kinda likes it that way. I’ve been friends with Walt Lawrence for 20 years and have always been amazed and slightly mystified by his approach to business.  He graduated from the University of Texas in 92 with an English Literature Degree.  He spent seven years dedicated to the Retail Commercial Real Estate business, culminating in becoming President of Woodmont's Brokerage Division by age 27...he cold-called The Mills Corporation in the mid-90s and convinced them to come to Texas, which resulted in exclusively representing them for both Grapevine Mills here and Katy Mills Mall in Houston, as well as representing Bass Pro Shops adjacent to each location.He’s had over $1B in real estate transactions to date.Resigned from Woodmont in December of 1999 to pursue his self described "A-D-D" Business Plan of numerous other ventures, which has resulted in ~20 Different entrepreneurial endeavors over the past 21 tears in a wide range of industries.Walt’s most recent venture, Clear Sky Partners, is a small business accelerator that forms close partnerships with uniquely differentiated organizations and atypically talented people striving to solve big business problems so they can more rapidly and efficiently expand into their target markets with proper execution.Walt has been married to Stephanie for 24yrs and has 3 kids...the oldest just turned 21…I honestly haven’t been this excited about a podcast interview in a while!Useful Links and Book Mentions:MediumAntifragile WikipediaAntifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Jan 18 2021
1 hr 14 mins
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How do you weather the storm?  When things move up and down and are volatile what steps do you take to recover?  How do you pivot? How do you thrive?  My next guest is Andrew Sage, founder of Broad Wing Aviation.  A local company that buys and sells airplane parts all over the world. Broadwing Aviation was formed in 2002 and produces around 40mm in annual revenue and employs 34 people. But recently due to the covid mess has reduced his staff to 16 which we will cover a bit later. Broadwing Aviation creates greater efficiencies in aftermarket parts procurement by serving as an extension of the customers’ supply chains and purchasing departments.The founders of Broadwing Aviation have no shortage of shared experiences in the commercial and military aerospace markets. Andrew met his partners Mark Anderson and Michael Mills at a new start-up aftermarket parts company in the late 1990s. It is here they developed and refined the individual skills that would lead them to the genesis of Broadwing Aviation.It didn’t take long for them to notice a trend: Parts supply companies operated by telling customers what they need instead of listening to customers’ needs. The result was a gradual decline in the level of customer service. This was not acceptable. They knew they could establish and grow a company providing a far superior customer experience….and so Broadwing Aviation was born!Andrew has two kids and has been married to his wife Amy for almost 25 years!Enjoy this broad-ranging conversation with founder Andrew Sage!Useful Links and Book Mentions:Broadwing AviationShōgun by James Clavell
Dec 21 2020
1 hr 12 mins
Ken Schaefer
Curious about how to market to your customers? Want to know the strategies to build a great culture in your company? My next guest is the head honcho and namesake of Schaefer Advertising, Ken leads client relationships and manages strategic planning and brand development. His over two decades of marketing experience began at Procter and Gamble, and he later moved on to the agency side at Ogilvy & MatherSchaefer Advertising employs 40 people and just this year celebrated their 25th year in business. Ken has built the agency on an immovable foundation of core values, which are centered around the company’s mission to “Make Life Better.” Ken is a relentless strategist and has focused his teams on building solutions that provide real, measurable results. His company is recognized as an award-winning marketing partner within the healthcare, real estate, and destination and entertainment industries. Under his leadership, Schaefer Advertising has seen steady growth year over year, and nearly 150% revenue growth over the last three years. It has won the award of top places to work in Fort Worth 2x so he has a good understanding of what Culture is all about. Ken is a leader of leaders, a savvy business guy, a culture warrior, and a family man who has been married to his wife Lori for 26years and has twin boys who are seniors at TCU…I’ve been looking forward to this interview and I’m excited to give you a peek behind the curtain of his business and marketing mind!Useful Links and Book Mentions:Schaefer AdvertisingAuthor Malcolm Gladwell
Dec 14 2020
1 hr 16 mins
Ted KitchensLori Atkins
Do you have a strong personality that is often misunderstood?  Do you want to understand how to be more present in your work and home life?This week’s guest is Lori Atkins, MD an OBGYN. She was one of those little girls that always wanted to be a doctor.  She left home at 15 and went to college on a wing and a prayer.  She earned her undergraduate degree at Baylor University and her medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.  She did a residency at the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.  One of her nurses, Jen Villegas describes her as “a brilliant surgeon...far and away the best surgeon I work with.  She has unbelievable intuition. It’s almost like she knows what’s going to happen before it actually happens.”What’s rare about Lori is she’s much more than just a doctor. She’s a business owner.  She entered private practice in 1996, and since graduating residency has built THREE successful practices and helped to nurture and promote the career of her partners as they have joined her.  She has been a mentor to many during her busy career and knows a thing or two about growing a business.Fitness and a healthy lifestyle have always been important to Lori and have been a priority in her life. She began teaching yoga in 2007. She is a 1200 hour certified Baptiste Yoga instructor.  She is married and a mother of 2!Listen in while I deconstruct what it takes to make a difference in the lives of those around you.  Useful Links:FĒNOM Women's Care
Nov 30 2020
1 hr 7 mins