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A podcast that explores the hustle of entrepreneurship or pursuing your dream career while tackling the realities (health insurance, rent, business failures, a second job!) of that pursuit.  Hosted by Agatha Khishchenko, lawyer and former owner of a beloved neighborhood cheese shop, who is obsessed with all things food, restaurants, travel and hospitality.

Kristen Carbone -- entrepreneur and founder of Brilliantly
Apr 9 2022
Kristen Carbone -- entrepreneur and founder of Brilliantly
Today's guest is Kristen Carbone, founder of Brilliantly, a wearable warming device for survivors of breast cancer and mastectomies.  Kristen tragically lost her mother in her early twenties due to metastic breast cancer.  The followed a decade of testing, health insurance difficulties, anxiety, and stress about developing breast cancer, until she ultimately decided to undergo a preventative mastectomy and implant reconstruction.Among the many challenges that came after the procedure, one of which, was the loss of sensation and constant feeling of coldness in her chest.  In ensuing conversations with other other who had undergone mastectomies and reconstruction, she came to realize that this was an ongoing issue that dramatically affected the quality of womens lives.  Women were using all sorts of methods to feel warm, often resulting in serious burns and scarring of their chests.  Kristen embarked on a multi-year process of research and development, raising funding, and ultimately developing Brilliantly Warm, a wearable device that a woman could insert into her bra and self-control through an app.  There were no cords, no battery packs, and a woman could lead her daily life in comfort without anyone knowing she was wearing the device.  Enjoy this incredibly inspiring story and please share Brilliantly Warm with your community. You can read more about Brilliantly and Kristen's story at  with Kristen directly at:  Kristen@brilliantly.co or find her on Facebook or Instagram @brilliantly.co