Motivation Meditation

Leslie Vaughn

As a result of Motivation Meditation with Leslie V, a devotional style study, you'll receive tools to live your best life ever, overcome weaknesses, grow in a deeper personal relationship with God, and fulfill your God-given destiny. Leslie Vaughn
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Do What The Lord Tells You ToDo
Do What The Lord Tells You ToDoWhere Are You NowStepping Into The New (Part 2)Stepping Into The NewRemembering the Gifts God Gave YouWise Men Follow GodHere to Shine BrightlyTime to Use What You HaveRemembering to Give God Thanksg (Part 2)Remembering to Give God ThanksgAnxiety Leaves Through Prayer and ThanksgivingTrusting God Through ConfessionsBelieve God’s Purpose For YouAre You Learning To Trust Through ConfessionsAre You Learning to Trust (2)Are You Learning to TrustAre You Ready For The Challenge (2)All that and a Bag of ChipsAre You Ready For The ChallengeHow to Go Through