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Silver Fox Advisors - Dick Hendee & Shoby John
Jul 27 2022
Silver Fox Advisors - Dick Hendee & Shoby John
Meet Dick Hendee & Shoby John.  They met by their involvement with Silver Fox Advisors. Shoby was a participant in a Roundtable where he met the group's advisor - Dick Hendee.  Listen to how peer to peer mentoring really works! Richard Hendee - the Advisor -  is the owner and President of Horizon Associates, Inc., a small and mid-size business consulting entity. He has nearly 50 years of experience in the financial services industry and has successfully owned and operated two business ventures and launched five different brands on a national basis. Shoby John - the Entrepreneur - has a growing company, that was in the process of change. Clear Sky Group combines best practices & tools, the right level of expertise in qualified personnel who are focused on your employee not just your comptuer, and a return on minimal investment (ROMI) approach that empowers businesses to grow and provides business owners access to qualified personnel, timely strategic advice and reporting that is accurate and transparent. Clear Sky also helps drive profitability and productivity by automating manual and arduous business processes. Silver Fox Advisors is exclusively a HOUSTON mentoring program organized to share wisdom and experience with young and/or growing companies that need advice/mentoring.  Go to the website to find a ROUNDTABLE near you: If you liked today's show - please let Laura know by either contacting her at or give her a great review. Also, if you know of someone who would be an inspiring guests, let her know… even if it's you. Until then… "You better be Up to something!"SPONSORED BY: Imperial Podcast Studio in Sugar Land, TX. Book your next studio time online today! Or call 281-862-3150. Book It TODAY, and Sound Like a PRO!.