Mom On Purpose Foundations: How To Repair When You Mess Up

Mom On Purpose With Natalie Bacon

Feb 21 2024 • 24 mins

Repair is the single-most important parenting tools you can have in your toolbelt as a mom. Why? Because you're a human mom, and that means you'll mess things up, get it all wrong, and then what? Try to do better? Try to be perfect? This mindset often leads to perfectionism and feeling like you're constantly failing as a mom. It's so not helpful! Instead, learn repair. Accept your humanness and get really good at apologizing to restore the relationship. That's what this podcast is all about: how to repair. You'll learn the worst mistakes to avoid as well as what to say when you repair. This will make your relationships stronger with your kids and leave so much more space for enjoying motherhood, even the messy parts.

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