Creating More Ease And Connection In Motherhood And Marriage With Hannah Scott, MD

Mom On Purpose With Natalie Bacon

May 8 2024 • 42 mins

This is a VERY special episode with guest, Dr. Hannah Scott, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, who is also a part of the Mom On Purpose Membership Community. In this episode, Hannah shares the work she's done on herself with these tools that led her to create more ease and connection in both her marriage and raising her three kiddos.

Hannah is in the thick of raising kids, balancing a career, and navigating everything that comes along with living a full life. You'll hear exactly how she's made her mornings easier, let go of resentment with her husband, and ultimately has created so much transformation in the last year!

Hannah inspires us all with how she's used these tools in her life, and I have no doubt she'll inspire you, too!

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