Episode Eighty-Eight - Baby Boys

Fly On The Call - Candid Conversations on Music

Jun 1 2021 • 39 mins

In the first of three episodes this week, I am talking to Baby Boys. Their debut full length, Threesome, is a challenging, but worthwhile listen. The band, made up of Jake Luppen and Nathan Stocker of Hippo Campus and rounded out with Caleb Hinz, has one simple rule: say "yes" to everything. This leads to plenty of improvisation, risk taking, and an overall unhinged feel to the music. It was a ton of fun to unpack the lightning speed combined writing/recording process and get to the core of what makes this band so unique. Baby Boys: Website | Spotify | Twitter | Instagram | Bandcamp Fly On The Call is brought to you by Sound Talent Media and promoted in conjunction with The Alternative. Artwork by Mikaela Jane. Theme song by Kailynn West of Tiny Stills. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices