Threshold (VOY S2 E15)

The Joy of Trek

Nov 14 2023 • 1 hr 2 mins

Recommended by Greg:

"Threshold is a controversial episode, and in rewatch, I can see all the reasons NOT to like it. But also, it's such a corny episode, and the premise drives it forward a lot until we get to what I love most:

Threshold is a monster movie. It's like the original Universal monster movies Frankenstein, The Fly, Wolfman, Dracula and movies I watched with my brother as a kid. The section with Tom transforming is my favorite parts. The resolution and end? Yeah, it's silly.

But the middle half where it's straight up monster movie stuff just brings a smile to my face. "

Threshold first aired on January 29, 1996, story by Michael De Luca, teleplay by Brannon Braga, and directed by Alexander Singer

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