An Obol for Charon (DSC S2 E04)

The Joy of Trek

Nov 14 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

Picked by Khaki:

"This episode encapsulates everything I love about modern Star Trek:

High concepts, high stakes and high energy; smart people working hard to solve problems and do the right thing. Three "A" plots jostle against one another and yet none of them feel rushed, diminised or tacked on.

And this episode contains my absolute favorite scene in all of Star Trek, ever!"

An Obol for Charon first aired on February 7, 2019, story by Jordon Nardino & Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts, teleplay by Alan McElroy & Andrew Colville, and directed by Lee Rose

The Joy of Trek is hosted by Khaki & Kay, with editing & production by Chief Engineer Greg and music by Fox Amoore (Bandcamp | Bluesky)

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