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Host Joy Altimare welcomes leaders from diverse fields to explore why women have such frustrating experiences with healthcare—and what can be done to make real change. It’s the only podcast that explores the full scope of these issues, in depth, and from all angles, amplifying the voices of women whose interactions with the system lead them to exclaim, “What the health?!” read less

Episode 7: Women in leadership: Cultivating Wellbeing Amidst Hustle Culture
Nov 4 2022
Episode 7: Women in leadership: Cultivating Wellbeing Amidst Hustle Culture
Despite a long history of executive positions being dominated by men, more and more women have been rising into leadership positions in the workplace. However, in an earnest drive to keep the positions they’ve worked so hard to earn, women may fall out of balance and into “hustle culture” mentality. Today’s guest is Randi Braun certified executive coach, author, and CEO & Founder of Something Major, a leadership coaching and advisory firm focused on women entrepreneurs. In today’s conversation, Joy and Randi discuss cultivating wellbeing as a woman leader. In this LIVE podcast recording, the audience listens as host Joy Altimare facilitates an interactive and lively discussion with Braun, who speaks to coaching women to succeed in male-dominated industries, while being sensitive to how easy it is to slip into the hustle culture mentality. Joy and Randi also discuss how employers can support and uplift women in the workplace, and Randi’s new book Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work. (New Degree Press).   Topics discussed in today’s episode:   Setting the scene/overview + history   What is hustle culture?   Randi’s performative productivity culture theory   Mental/physiological effects of hustle culture + burnout   Something Major: The New Playbook for Women at Work   EHE Health’s benefits which support women leaders   Practical solutions on supporting women employees/leaders   Resources:   EHE Health   Joy Altimare, CRO of EHE Health   Randi Braun, CEO of Something Major   Meet Randi   Randi on Instagram