EP: 89 What is the Future of Neuro diverse Children? Part 2

LightupwithShua Podcast

Nov 6 2019 • 34 mins

Step Ahead provides interventions to kids at Neurodevelopmental disorders, Do Psychological assessments, believe in and provide a true Inclusive Care Setup.

Visit : https://web.facebook.com/stepaheadinc...

Topics covered in this episode: 1. What is Autism?

2. How STEP AHEAD is making a difference in Lahore, Pakistan?

3. Why did Sadia Atif, the founder and owner of the AUTISM school STEP AHEAD started this school?

4. What is the future of her Neurodiverse Children?

5. What can the Government of Pakistan do?

6. What can people do to help Autistic children?

7. Are Neurodiverse and Neurotypical children different? And how different they are?

8 How does Sadia Atif manages her work life balance? And much more....

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