Wendy Molefi | Ep #44| Is there a right time to speak about Menopause?

Dotiv The Podcast

Mar 30 2022 • 33 mins

Meet our next guest - Dr. Wendy Molefi. She is a highly experienced GP and Menopause Specialist with the British Menopause Society Advanced Menopause Specialist Certificate. She is also the owner of Vital Wellness Clinic; a specialist menopause clinic based in Hertfordshire, UK.

Wendy has a special interest in the psychological impact of the menopause on women’s quality of life, and with her background in wellness coaching and mindfulness teaching, she brings a holistic and preventative approach to her clinical practice and menopause service.

In our episode with Wendy, we discuss the following:

  • What Menopause is
  • When we should start talking about menopause
  • How menopause affects the physical health of women
  • How menopause
  • How to navigate Menopause with mindfulness

Wendy also delivers teaching sessions on the menopause for fellow healthcare professionals, facilitates charitable community based menopause workshops to empower women with knowledge about the menopause and delivers talks in the corporate environment about menopause in the workplace.

Wendy holds a Masters degree in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) from the University of Oxford. Her dissertation on ‘The role of Mindfulness Based Intervention in facilitating psychological adjustment in the menopause’ was published in the British Menopause Society Journal and presented at the International Mindfulness Conference in South Africa in 2019.

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