Satnam Kaur | Ep #39 | Unpacking Postpartum with a Doula

Dotiv The Podcast

Feb 23 2022 • 44 mins

Meet Satnam Kaur -  A qualified Yoga and Meditation teacher, Doula, Content Creator and Entrepreneur who is also the founder of Conscious Sisterhood. Much of Satnam's work is focused on using breathwork to empower women to get to know themselves in a more loving and meaningful manner.

In our episode with Satnam, we focus on understanding the role a Doula plays to mother's generally, and take a deeper dive for the experience in the Postpartum period. We unpack the most common experiences Satnam has encountered in her practice , touching on hair loss, intimacy challenges when there is vaginal tearing and how family members can sometimes be a hinderance in the postpartum recovery journey. We also uncover how breathwork has been the most transformational tool in guiding and helping mother's amidst the overwhelming changes they experience.

Satnam is also running a 14-day Program on Self-Love in March - to find out more, reach out directly to her via her website/instagram, as provided below.

A note from Satnam:

" Conscious Sisterhood was born when I awakened to my power as a woman and I’m here to educate and empower women to do the same through self love, spirituality and holistic living."

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