Founder Series | Ep #49 | Andy Chan | Triathlon Preparation - Conversations on Recovery

Dotiv The Podcast

May 4 2022 • 28 mins

Meet the next Founder Series Guest on Dotiv The Podcast - Andy Chan!

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Andy is a certified strength & conditioning specialist and educator. Drawing on his master’s degree in Exercise Science and influenced by his 10-year stay in the United States, Andy has a unique outlook on health and athletic performance.  He is also the Co-Author to the newly released book - Dynamic Balance which looks at  the interconnectedness of diet, emotions, and training through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In this episode, Guni speaks to Andy on the following:

  • Concept of Ying and Yang
  • Eating to what's local and culturally appropriate based on your environment
  • Flight or Fight  and Rest & Digest
  • Being Agile & Adaptable
  • Training in isolation vs total body movements
  • How does recovery tie into training efficiency
  • Andy's experience as a minority ethnic group in Sport & Fitness industry in USA

Andy also teaches educational courses at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, TRX, Trigger Point Performance, and Power Plate.  He has also made guest appearances on Hong Kong television shows and  presents at  different public fitness events.

To connect with Andy, you can find him here --- Contact Andy . You can also purchase Andy's book here -- Dynamic Balance !

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