Elle Fox | Ep #52 | What's Fermenting there?

Dotiv The Podcast

May 25 2022 • 29 mins

Meet our next guest on Dotiv The Podcast - Elle Fox!

Elle Fox is a Naturopath, Author, Researcher and Lecturer, with a background in Medicine and Education. She has 30 years’ experience treating people with a range of health issues, but often focused on Gastrointestinal and Behavioural Challenges.

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The key areas discussed in this episode include:

  • What the fermentation process is & examples of fermented foods
  • The purpose of fermented foods in our diet
  • Are fermented foods suitable for children
  • How to incorporate more fermented foods in our diet
  • How to make a Sourdough starter and Kombucha

Elle has been running her own private natural health practice since the mid 1990s . She is the founder and Clinic Director of her Integrative Medicine Practice and has supported well over 20,000 individuals with chronic pain, adrenal issues, chronic fatigue, gut and skin-related conditions, dysbiosis, depression and anxiety.

She firmly believes that cheap food is expensive food; it depletes us of resources and leaves us broke on every level.  Elle is very passionate about, and does charity work to support local, sustainable, ethically managed farming, food quality and fair earnings for the most important assets around - farmers and the land they are custodians of.

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