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Welcome to The Voice of the Martyrs Radio Network! Join host Todd Nettleton each week as we share testimonies of brothers and sisters suffering for their faith in Christ. The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) is a nonprofit, interdenominational missions organization that offers practical and spiritual help to persecuted Christians around the world.
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The Power of Prayer in Africa
The Power of Prayer in Africa
Across Africa, the church is undergoing attacks on its members and their meeting places. Yet despite the destruction, our Christian brothers and sisters exhibit an overwhelming joy in Christ. Sean Paton and Jeremy Malkin continue the conversation from last week on VOM’s efforts to help our persecuted brothers in Burkina Faso, Benin, Sudan, and Mozambique. Listen as Jeremy and Sean share how Christians are responding to the persecution in these regions—and also share encouraging stories of God’s work in Africa during the past year. Animistic ideology and belief in the spirits of their ancestors is prevalent in Benin. Christianity is often seen as destroying that culture. New believers are rejecting the rituals and practices of animism and holding fast to their faith in Christ, and therefore being targeted. In Burkina Faso, thirteen churches were destroyed within a week last year by mobs who wanted to rid the area of Christianity. Yet our brothers and sisters gathered to worship the Lord amidst the destruction because of their hope in Him. Listen as Jeremy shares their stories and how we can pray for them. In Mozambique, there has been horrific persecution of Christians by Islamic extremist groups who have pledged allegiance to ISIS. This has forced many Christians to flee, and VOM is helping to meet physical needs and spiritual hunger for God’s Word. In Sudan, political tension continues to grow, which has given a window to provide spiritual encouragement and support to Christians through Bibles and other evangelistic resources. Pray for our brothers and sisters to be bold and courageous for Christ in Africa as they face animistic and Islamist persecution, and to be reminded that what men intend for evil, God can use for good. Never miss an episode of VOM Radio! Subscribe to the podcast.
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AFRICA: Increasing Christian PersecutionMoving Moments of 2021 – Part 2
Join us as we continue to look back on some of the most moving moments on VOM Radio in 2021: “Brother Aaron” says Christian persecution in Pakistan is “like the air”—all around, all the time.Aaron Miller says his personal experience of persecution was surprising—but sacred as well.Dan Baumann and Andrew Brunson said they don’t miss being in prison, but sometimes they do miss that intimacy with God. (Register to view the Imprisoned for Christ Virtual Event.)Ellen Oblander shared how Richard Wurmbrand responded to suffering—even long after he was released from prison.Anita Smith remembered the death of her husband, Ronnie Smith, in Libya, and how she began to pray for the men who killed him.Tat Stewart tells about being in Tehran the day the US Embassy was taken over in 1979—and how God honored the spiritual seeds he planted in Iran.Andy Byrd told of a young lady who came to Christ in the Himalayas—and paid a very high price.“Brother Stephen” remembered telling the story of Jesus in a Bedouin camp to people who had never heard it before.Tom and JoAnn Doyle shared how God transformed a man from Syria named Mohammed—and through that transformation reached his wife, Dina, as well.John Weaver shared specific ways to pray for Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover of the country. After hearing these brief program excerpts, you’ll want to go back and listen to the entire conversations. You can search for VOM Radio on your favorite podcast app, or listen online at the links below. Brother Aaron from Pakistan Aaron Miller Dan Baumann and Andrew Brunson panel discussion Ellen Oblander, editor for Richard WurmbrandAnita Smith on forgiving her husband’s murderers Tat Stewart on living in Tehran in 1979 Andy Byrd, leader of The Send Brother Stephen from Operation Mobilization Tom and JoAnn Doyle John Weaver on Afghanistan We praise God for allowing VOM Radio to share these amazing stories of His faithfulness in 2021. THANK YOU for listening. Please subscribe to the podcast and share VOM Radio with Christian friends you know would also be encouraged by these testimonies!
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Moving Moments of 2021 – Part 1
Join in as we begin a look back on some of the amazing testimonies God allowed VOM Radio to share in 2021: C. Anderson from YWAM shares how she overcame fear to serve the Lord around the world.Brother Joshua from Cuba says he’s afraid every time he encounters Cuban police or authorities—but trusts God will give him the words to say.Maria says she told God that if He was calling her to dangerous work in restricted nations, He needed to take away her fear—and God answered her prayer!Alayu from Ethiopia was given a choice: “choose Jesus or my gun.” He explained to his persecutor that he’d already made that choice: he chose Jesus.Brother Joe was almost overcome by a spirit of fear when he was told a spy had infiltrated his Bible smuggling network. Listen to how he prayed—and the Biblical example that inspired him to overcome.Paul and Suzy Childers serve together in ministry with YWAM. Listen to how they consistently send each other out into difficulties and danger, trusting each other into the Lord’s care.Cheng Jie and her husband—a Chinese pastor—had talked about what would happen if he was arrested. But they weren’t prepared for her to be the one who went to jail.Both Gracia and Semse lost their husbands to persecution attacks. They shared how they have been able to bear that loss—and how it affected their children.We’ll also share a brief excerpt from the audio version of VOM Radio host Todd Nettleton’s book, When Faith if Forbidden. After hearing these brief interview excerpts, you’ll want to go back and listen to the entire conversations. You can search for VOM Radio on your favorite podcast app, or listen online at the links below. C. AndersonBrother Joshua Maria from Cuba Alayu from Ethiopia Joe and Dawn: “We didn’t come here to be safe.”Paul and Suzy Childers: Part 1 and Part 2 Cheng JieGracia and Semse: Part 1 and Part 2When Faith is Forbidden audio book: Departure Day and Day 1 Never miss an episode of VOM Radio! Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Also: share a link to VOM Radio with a Christian friend who will also be blessed by these testimonies.
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