37 - Tax Benefits of Family Trusts, with Masterclass Faculty Member Jason Pisesky

Physician Empowerment

Feb 15 2024 • 36 mins

Dr. Wing Lim welcomes Physician Empowerment Masterclass Faculty Member and tax lawyer Jason Pisesky back to the show. Jason talks all about trusts from a tax perspective. He explains not only the history of how trusts came to be but also how they are defined today and how they work, offering knowledgeable insights into the complex topic.

Jason explores the tax and non-tax benefits of family trusts, detailing the tax advantage of the multiplication of the capital gains deduction. He also explains the lifespan of a trust, the beneficiaries, how income splitting factors into a trust, and how family trusts are useful in facilitating the movement of assets from one company to another in a tax-deferred way. The topic of family trusts is a dense and layered one but the information Jason provides here works as a good base of knowledge. This information can then be further explored in a Masterclass.

About Jason Pisesky:

Jason is a tax lawyer with an international accounting firm, KPMG. His practice background is extensive and includes personal and corporate tax planning as well as litigation and dispute resolution. Whether you are scaling up your practice or winding it down, proper coordination between a tax lawyer and your accountant can ensure you're doing it right.

Jason is one of Physician Empowerment’s professional Masterclass Faculty members.


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