40 - Capital Gains in Real Estate Investments with Jason Pisesky

Physician Empowerment

Mar 30 2024 • 44 mins

Physician Empowerment Masterclass Faculty Member and tax lawyer Jason Pisesky returns to the show to talk with Dr. Wing Lim about capital gains in real estate investments. Jason and Wing explore everything to do with real estate from tax to property depreciation and personal versus corporate real estate purchases.

Jason addresses how the Income Tax Act applies to real estate and the nuances involved with the PRE or Personal Residence Exemption. He explains some of the insights that apply to buying and flipping houses, up markets and down markets, and depreciable capital property. Personal versus corporate purchases, income versus capital gain, and active versus passive axis are discussed in broad terms, enough to give a clearer understanding of what Jason will be addressing in greater detail in future episodes and at the Physician Empowerment Live Conference in Toronto in May. The knowledge Jason shares is foundational and directly applicable to anyone with an investment mindset.

About Jason Pisesky:

Jason is a tax lawyer with an international accounting firm, KPMG. His practice background is extensive and includes personal and corporate tax planning as well as litigation and dispute resolution. Whether you are scaling up your practice or winding it down, proper coordination between a tax lawyer and your accountant can ensure you're doing it right.

Jason is one of Physician Empowerment’s professional Masterclass Faculty members.


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