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Healthy Pinto - A business that wants you fit for a lifetime (Season 2)
Aug 12 2022
Healthy Pinto - A business that wants you fit for a lifetime (Season 2)
"Be 1% better every day" -  James Clear Life-changing goals can be daunting. But, if you can break it down into smaller, achievable goals, then you can keep track of your progress,  while keeping yourself motivated. Shikhar Saxena, a certified fitness coach and trainer, likes to follow this philosophy when it comes to his online fitness and nutrition brand - Healthy Pinto.  An advocate of 'taking it one day at a time', Shikar helps you reach your fitness goals without shortcuts. His brand trains you to build sustainable habits that last for a lifetime - entirely online. Healthy Pinto has transformed over a 1000 individuals, challenging the traditional concept that fitness can only be achieved through offline consultations. Shikhar's journey started as a college student who just wanted to see himself transformed. After months of research, consistent practice and 2 authored books, Shikhar's brand today sees accelerated growth which is majorly based on referrals from happy customers. An ambitious entrepreneur, Shikhar is working towards a future where Healthy Pinto becomes a global health tech brand, complete with its own AI assistant - Pinto. In the fourth episode of the mojoMakers Season 2 , we discuss Healthy Pinto's business model, work ethics, and core strategies that are helping him expand the business. Connect to Shikhar - His website: His 100-day transformation program: Shikhar's Instagram account: Healthy Pinto's Instagram:   Create your own smart landing pages here.