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A podcast focused on helping Christians think biblically, engage practically, and live faithfully for the glory of God.
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(Im)perfect Marriage: Staying Connected Amidst the Chaos
May 7 2024
(Im)perfect Marriage: Staying Connected Amidst the Chaos
Have you ever found yourself tangled in the endless to-do lists of family and work life, wondering how to keep that spark alive in your marriage? You're not alone. Join Jonathan and Kate on a relatable exploration of the delicate balance between nurturing a strong marital bond and managing a packed schedule. We open up about the tactics that help us stay connected, like our shared podcast recordings and tech-free walks, while still juggling teaching, coaching, and the whirlwind of life's demands. With a nod to Deuteronomy, we delve into the ways we incorporate faith and teaching moments with our kids, even when the clock seems to be working against us.But it's not just about keeping the romance alive; it's also about caring for the self within the chaos. We get real about the necessity of drawing boundaries, the art of declining excess commitments, and the understanding of our own limits. Saturday nights in our house are carved out for family before the Sunday rush, and we don't shy away from dedicating a whole month like July to recharge. We share the personal routines that sustain us, offering insights on maintaining readiness for life's significant moments, and gently remind you that self-care isn't selfish—it's vital.Then there's the crux of all this: communication and adaptability. We talk candidly about voicing fatigue, the pitfalls of letting dialogue slip, and how a whiteboard can become your best friend in times of chaos. We navigate through setting priorities, knowing when to let go of less critical tasks, and how daily check-ins make a world of difference. As the sun sets on another busy day, we take you on a stroll down memory lane with tales of family walks, the enchantment of Charleston, and the lingering tastes of shrimp and grits, all wrapped up in the importance of keeping connections strong and a biblical foundation at the heart of it all.Support the Show.Stock Music provided by wolfgangwoehrle, from Pond5
Modeling Discipleship: Passing the Torch of Faith Through Generations
Apr 27 2024
Modeling Discipleship: Passing the Torch of Faith Through Generations
Have you ever contemplated the ripple effect of mentorship and its power to forge legacies? This episode is a heartfelt celebration of our Pleasing God podcast's unparalleled global reach, and an invitation to join us in the next chapter of our journey at pleasinggodpodcastorg. We're not only revisiting the remarkable bond between Paul and Timothy in Acts 16:1-5 but also offering key insights into how their mentorship model can profoundly shape our modern discipleship practices. From the nuances of intentional guidance to the art of collaborative ministry, we unwrap the layers of spiritual relationships that can build communities and strengthen the fabric of the church. Step into a transformative space where relationships are the cornerstone of faith. As we navigate the intricacies of Paul and Timothy's connection, we extend the dialogue to how these principles play out in our lives today. Whether you're seeking mentorship, discerning your vocational calling, or navigating the blessings and challenges of Christian parenthood, this episode illuminates the path to creating ministries that expand beyond mere addition and venture into multiplication of disciples. Amidst these discussions, we also express our deep gratitude for your companionship on this journey and invite your active participation as we strive towards sanctification together. Join us and experience how the act of passing on wisdom can echo through generations.Support the Show.Stock Music provided by wolfgangwoehrle, from Pond5