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We're a married couple of filmmakers, supporting our family of seven through doing work we love, together. It's been a long and difficult journey, and we still have a lot to learn, but for us, it's well-worth the effort.

We developed this podcast and the Feature Filmmaker Academy for anyone who wants a career making feature films, especially those balancing that pursuit with the responsibility of parenthood and providing for a family.

Tune in as we study success patterns of industry professionals, interview other feature filmmakers, share takeaways from our favorite film courses or books, and give behind-the-scenes breakdowns and insights on films you love.

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Ep. 94 - The Grit and Vision of Indie Filmmaking: From Passion Project to Screen with Matthew Taggart
4d ago
Ep. 94 - The Grit and Vision of Indie Filmmaking: From Passion Project to Screen with Matthew Taggart
Join the conversation as filmmaker Matthew Taggart pulls back the curtain on the life of an indie filmmaker, from his first leap into directing with "The Counterfeit Kid" to managing the delicate balance of family and film. Matthew's journey offers a relatable peek into the highs and lows of bringing a vision to the big screen, navigating through the world of independent cinema with a blend of passion and pragmatism. His unique perspective as a father and husband infuses our chat with anecdotes that resonate, whether you're a film buff or a curious listener enchanted by the art of storytelling.Ever wondered how indie films come to life against the odds of tight budgets and logistical hurdles? Our episode peels back layers of the production process, from scriptwriting collaborations to a barter system that keeps the wheels turning. Matthew shares tales of community generosity and the creative solutions that define indie projects, painting a vivid portrait of the camaraderie and resourcefulness that fuels the film industry's underdogs. The discussion also ventures into the nuanced arena of directing young talent, especially when the actors are from your own family tree, offering a heartfelt glimpse into the intersection of personal and professional worlds on set.As we wrap up, Matthew ushers us through the maze of indie film distribution, highlighting his positive experiences with Porter Craig and the importance of aligning with partners who champion the film's essence. This episode is a testament to the shared dedication that courses through the veins of filmmakers and the impact of a supportive community. By the end, you'll not only have a deeper appreciation for the art of cinema but also be inspired by the determination and inventiveness that bring indie films from script to screen. Free "Make Your Feature Film" ChecklistSchedule my Greenlight Call