137. Back to School #5: Finding Balance with Video Games

Gospel Tech

Sep 20 2022 • 34 mins

Video games can feel overwhelming for parents. How do we know if video games are a good idea? Which games should we pick? Today we answer these questions and give all parents a firm-foundation with which to love their children and make intentional tech choices when it comes to video games.

Resources mentioned:
.Ep. 133: What to do when your child asks for new tech: https://www.gospeltech.net/133-back-to-school-3-what-to-do-when-your-child-asks-for-new-tech/

.ESRB for game reviews: https://www.esrb.org
.Watch the game for yourself: http://youtube.com
.a wonderful example of story in games done well: The Bastion character video. https://youtu.be/to8yh83jlXg

Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3DD483h