Food Elimination and Pain with Heather Wolcott

Back Talk Doc

Aug 9 2023 • 38 mins

As a holistic nutritionist, as well as a health and wellness coach, Heather Wolcott understands concerns about all-or-nothing lifestyles and dietary changes. Instead, Heather believes in promoting a well-rounded lifestyle — and understanding that nothing is forever.

On this episode of Back Talk Doc, Dr. Sanjiv Lakhia and his guest, functional health coach Heather Wolcott, talk about nutrition and its effect on health, wellness, and even pain. Much of their discussion focuses around food elimination diets.

Heather understands that the term “elimination diet” can be daunting for some people. But, she says, this form of lifestyle change is really just a tool to identify food sensitivities and intolerances that can cause brain fog, joint pain, rashes, anxiety, bloating, and fatigue.

As with all things in wellness and nutrition, the key is balance. Even elimination dieting doesn’t have to last forever, says Heather. For some people, it may only last a couple of weeks.

Everyone is different, and no two paths to health are the same. But Dr. Lakhia and Heather have both observed that certain foods seem to cause more problems than others.

Tune in to learn how you might be able to improve your lifestyle by simply cutting certain foods.

💡 Featured Expert 💡

Name: Heather Wolcott

What she does: As a holistic nutritionist for more than 20 years, Heather has been helping clients improve their health and achieve their nutrition goals. She is a National Board Certified health and wellness coach and an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach.

Company: Heather Wolcott

Words of wisdom: “I love to really dial into nutrition because it's super complicated and complex when you get granular with it, but it doesn't have to be. I think people just need to be more educated.”

Connect: Website | Instagram

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