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Episode 76: Sean’s House ( A Tribute to DJ Sean Haley ) Mixed by AllyAl
Jan 28 2023
Episode 76: Sean’s House ( A Tribute to DJ Sean Haley ) Mixed by AllyAl
Foreword by Scorpeze,  Sean’s friend and collaborator " Chicago is the birthplace of House music. Chicago is synonymous with House music. DJ Sean Haley is synonymous with both. As a native of Chicago, Sean was fiercely loyal to both the city and the music that shaped him. It is because of Sean that I discovered and fell in love with deep, or as they call it now, soulful House music. I learned how to produce House music because of Sean's influence. We produced records together as the production team Windimoto. Now that Sean has departed this earth for another plane of existence, I continue to produce House music. Sean's power of influence is not only stamped on my soul but most people he came in contact with. I'm certain that our dear friend AllyAl can bear witness to Sean's influence. This mix that Al put together oozes Sean's musical essence. Furthermore, we don't need a special date or milestone to give honor to our friend. That is because the ache of Sean's absence will always remain until we see him again. Our love for him is everlasting. Welcome to Sean's House... "So last weekend i was looking through some old CD-R’s and I found one that my friend Sean sent about 12/ 13 years ago. Lots of great House Music. I thought it would be a nice idea to put mix together as a tribute to him. I’ve always wanted to do something and this felt right. So please enjoy 75 minutes of Soulful/ Vocal, Latin infused, Chicago Techno and a smidgen of Acid House ( also includes a couple of Sean solo joints and tracks with his partner in crime Scorpeze as Windimoto ) DJ Sean Haley forever ✊Greener ( Afro Cocktail Mix ) - Cafe Del Terranceo7 Minutes of Funk - GU aka CVO Don’t Stop ( U Can Make It ) ft Ugochi - Anthony NicholsonCosmos ( Souled Remix ) - Sandra St. Victor’s Sinner Child Kinderteller - Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker Moonscape - Sean HaleyDon’t Let Me Leave Alone ft Phonte - WindimotoIn My Lifetime ft Tamara Wellons - EzelLysergic : Blotter ( Vocal ) - PirahnaheadFutureDanceMuzik - Sean Haley Sapporo - BlazeEbony Vibrations - Windimoto