How to use faith to not live a fragmented life with Tamra Andress

Higher Vibrations in Higher Education

Feb 1 2024 • 1 hr 7 mins

When I wanted to speak with someone about how to weave more faith and spirituality into my work as an academic Tamra Andress launched into my mind. Tamra is a best-selling author, spiritual entrepreneur, coach, podcaster, and ordained minister. She also happens to be someone I’ve known since 9th grade. When I stepped away from social media, she was stepping in and up with a colorful platform that “sells words” related to “obliterate(ing) shame and activat(ing) purpose” and putting faith at the forefront of entrepreneurial endeavors. We keep it pretty faith agnostic— so that you can see how spirituality can be an element within any given moment.

Her book, Always Becoming, is on bookshelves everywhere.

Tune in at F.i.T. in Faith podcast.

And her website:

Highlights include:

  • I can be all of myself, in all places. Here you are the body as an athlete; here as the mind because you are an academic …musician, actor, mom, wife… faith is an element that shows up in every single one. Show up as who you are in every given moment.
  • Living a bountiful life means not living a fragmented life…. Fragmentation will leave you disillusioned. “Disillusion will leave you lifeless and breathless.”
  • There is something to aging out of other people’s perceptions…Society, media, friends and family and social network encourage one version of me.
  • At a quarter life (or mid-life) crisis, someone might feel “wildly void”; that you have lost your voice not knowing what we’re passionate about, checking boxes of being busy.
  • Power in intentionality; busyness not so much. I tap into my mind body and spirit. And I choose to be here. In that choice, there is fulfillment.
  • When your passion becomes more of your pursuit than the prioritization of look or feel or accomplishment, you start to flourish. Passion can be hard… but favor follows friction
  • Can spirit be in the medical field as much as the church?
  • If you’re in the unpacking journey, just start somewhere.
  • Construct a life creativity. (check out Artisan Soul).
  • Let it go- keep falling, fall away from safety zone.
  • Don’t “wait for tenure” or “wait for retirement”—what does that even mean?
  • Sometimes people get removed when you evolve in mind body spirit entity, you might ask, “will someone evolve with me?”
    • 7 year itch, biochemically, you have changed. Continue dating while married. Don’t ever stop getting to know someone as they grow.
  • Science and faith go hand in hand, but make a space where they don’t feel threatened? Academia blended with spirituality, releasing control…but those in academia want control.
  • Spirituality is not a separate entity of self.
  • Help other people develop passions from pains.
  • Curate message from past and what you imaging future to be to serve others.
  • Essence of a messenger—once you excavate- newness that is your human experience, divine revelation, learn yourself, research yourself and become more who you are supposed to be.
  • I will vocalize my essence- be free in one given moment and not a destination unknown.
  • Not in a religion you are in a relationship…An energetic exchange…Energy is something familiar scientifically.

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