How to appreciate the ’doctor you don’t see’ with Dr. Viola Lanier

Higher Vibrations in Higher Education

Sep 26 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

Dr. Viola Lanier is the epitome of a healthy form of busy-- working as a medical liaison, leading a non-profit, and being present with her family. Each of these roles lights her up and lets her know she's using her degree to be of service to others. We dive into the mis-education society has around different terminal degrees and the roles each type of "doctor" plays in your cancer journey. We specifically talk about how a cancer diagnosis and recovery centers on treatment/response rather than other needs beyond medicine. Tune in for other takeaways including:

  • Sometimes we need to say, “It’s been a big day,” instead of “I’m busy” or “ok”
  • Drop expectation or plan and give people some time to connect
  • Why do we have a job? Trying to fill a need
  • There’s always a need, but can there be some grace (in your schedule and to yourself)
  • Social media as your water cooler break – it doesn’t take much to acknowledge that something resonated
  • Society has misinformed us all; the doctor you see is an MD and the doctor you don’t see is your scientific doctor—both play huge roles
  • For me to feel safe I have to have boundaries: establish them share them
  • As I’m getting older I’m done with unvaluable connection… some things will bring value to you, space, person... but if no one is getting value, that connection isn’t meant to drag out and that’s ok
  • What’s spiritually nourishing for me? Owning what my new awareness and beliefs are... not being afraid… not betraying myself; not shrinking back
  • Awareness campaigns create activism and advocacy not (necessarily) asking for anything from healthcare provider
  • We share our wins and losses, knowing that they didn’t select me where I am at the time, we don’t know what else is going on behind the scenes

Book recommendations

  • 7 stages of Spiritual Success
  • Anatomy of the Spirit
  • Myth of Normal
  • You Can Heal Your Life

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