Samma Says: How yoga saved my life, with breath as the gateway

Higher Vibrations in Higher Education

Oct 25 2023 • 13 mins

Whenever I ask myself, "why am I doing this podcast?", I remember you-- the person I hope is finding solace in the experiences shared through the myriad voices on the podcast. In an upcoming episode with Drs. David Pena and Elizabeth Berry, David asked about my yoga journey and we grabbed my response for a separate episode. As the 'avatar' of your principal investigator or someone sitting in a seat you wish to be in in the future, I hope to break down some of the power dynamics and share about how professors are humans, too. And... how yoga saved my life:

- Breathwork was the gateway to my journey

- By breathing I felt, rather than talking, ranting, journaling... trying to fix

- We need time off, we need play. We need emotions. Soft skills are really essential to navigate human life

-I am grateful even for all the pain and suffering that led me to my mat so I can return again and again.