Ayesha Giri // On having empathy

Hamro Yatra

Jul 23 2021 • 36 mins

Today we have with us Ayesha Giri, our first guest from New Zealand. With a degree in Hospitality and Events Management, Ayesha has worked tirelessly to build a career in Marketing but she will always be a musician at heart. The only female leading a band during the second season of Sprite Band Challenge back in 2010 Kathmandu and winning the second runner up award, Ayesha is a force to reckon with.

In this episode, we deep dive into Ayesha’s childhood, her growing up in a conservative family and breaking through societal barriers. We also discuss how therapy has helped her and the importance of it. Having gone through different life adversities, it is uplifting to hear Ayesha be so positive and still have the drive to build her empire.  I can’t thank Ayesha enough for trusting me with her story and being so open & vulnerable. I hope her journey inspires you to have more empathy and be kinder to yourself and others.

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