Ep 038 - Hand review 666 on scary board

The Rec Poker Podcast

Jul 11 2017 • 28 mins

Reconstructed from the best of my memory of a hand from about 2 years ago at Running Aces. $100 No limit hold 'em tournament 10-handed table 120 people started 40 people left 12 get paid 30,000 average stack 75,000 our starting stack Blinds 500/1,000 with 100 ante • Folded to us in the cut-off with 6h6d and we raise to 2,400 (started with 75,000) • Button calls (started hand with 80,000 chips) -- player has been pretty straightforward ABC; betting/calling when he has it and folding when he doesn't. • Small blind folds • Big blind calls (started hand with 60,000) -- player has been a bit spewy; playing a much wider range of hands pre-flop than most other players at the table. Total pot size 8,700 Flop Js9c6s • Big blind checks • We bet 6,500 (out of our remaining 72,500) • Button calls the 6,500 (out of their remaining 77,500) • Big blind folds Total pot size 21,700 Turn card 10s making the board Js9c6s10s • We lead out for 14,000 (out of our remaining 66,000) • Button calls 14,000 (out of their remaining 71,000) • Pot now 76,700 Turn card 8h making the board Js9c6s10s8h 1) What action do you take as first to act on the river? 2) If we check and the button bets 25,000, what do we do? 3) If we bet 22,000 and the button goes all-in, what do we do? 4) Analysis of our play prior to the river?