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Nominated for the BEST TRUE CRIME PODCAST award at the British Podcast Awards, Murder Mile is a unique UK true-crime podcast, presented as a guided walk of 300+ of London and the West End’s untold, unsolved and long-forgotten murder cases

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#201 - The Soho Strangler - Part Five 'Dutch Leah: A Forgotten Woman'
Mar 9 2023
#201 - The Soho Strangler - Part Five 'Dutch Leah: A Forgotten Woman'
This is Part Five of Ten of The Soho Strangler. May 1936. Three weeks after and two street south of the murder of Marie Cotton, and just two streets east of French Fifi, ‘Dutch Leah’ a third sex-worker would be found strangled in her Soho flat, on the second floor of 66 Old Compton Street.  Again, there were no obvious signs of break-in, robbery or sexual assault. Again, the only entry point was a locked street door off a busy street. And again, the killer left no fingerprints, no clues to his identity and witnesses to the murder. It’s as if this maniac had attacked and vanished into thin air.With two women slaughtered in similar circumstances just streets apart, again, the police had a prime suspect, a man known to the victim who had a method and a motive. But with two murders still unsolved and with no suspects, had they caught a killer, or another scapegoat for their incompetence?  With a panic rumbling across Soho, as women wondered how safe they were in their own beds, as much as the police refused to believe it, their last option was one too terrifying to consider……that a serial-killer stalked these very streets, who the press would dub - The Soho Strangler.Murder Mile is researched, written and performed by Michael of Murder Mile Walks with the main musical themes written and performed by Erik Stein and Jon Boux of Cult With No Name and additional music, as used under the Creative Commons License 4.0. A full listing of tracks used and a full transcript for each episode is listed here and a legal disclaimer.For LINKS CLICK HERESupport this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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