St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast

Kevin Godbee & Lori Brown

Learn things you never knew, and get to know the people behind the restaurant scene in St. Pete, as we delve into their backgrounds, find out what brought them into the industry, and what's literally, and figuratively cooking at their restaurants. The St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast features interviews with chefs, restaurateurs, sommeliers, bartenders, and more, and covers the burgeoning food scene in St. Petersburg, Florida. Episodes air every Tuesday.
156: Chef Mike Crippin from Studio Public House. Beef Ragu with a Chuck Roast from St. Pete Meat & Provisions.155: Chef Jon Robben from Trophy Fish. Pork Butt, Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets, and Evolution of American Cuisine.154: Interview with Kelly & Alex Rodriguez from Lolita's Wine Market, and Sammy & Paco's Cafe. Pork Carnitas with Pork Butt & Pork Belly from St. Pete Meat & Provisions.153: Joel Sanchez from Matteo Trattoria & Pizzeria. Recipe for Peach, Cucumber and Tomato Salad with Seared Halloumi.152: Max Blowers from Social Roost. Grilling Juicy Lucy Burgers & Chicken.151: Brian Levine on What to Eat, and Not to Eat at Disney Parks. Real Fettuccini Alfredo vs. The American Version..150: Allan Bishop & Cristian Uguzzoni from Tutto Bene. We Make Picanha, from St. Pete Meat & Provisions.149: Liz Senyak from Trophy Fish. Recipe for Curry Chicken Salad Sandwiches + Avocado Hummus.148: Bill Brown from William Dean Chocolates. Dichotomy of Restaurants Being Super Busy and Not Having Enough Help.147: Matt Bonano from St. Pete Meat & Provisions. Pan Seared Hanger Steak and a Turmeric Powder Spill that Turned Out Ok.146: Robin Sussingham from Edible Tampa Bay. Food Inflation, Chili with Beans, and Restaurant Server's Pet Peeves.145: Christine Cutler from The International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association. Bajan Sausage and Moroccan Meatballs from St. Pete Meat & Provisions.144: Thomas Miller from The Treasure Coast Foodie. Recipe for St. Louis Spare Ribs with Hasselback Cantaloupe.143: Chef Susan Burdian from Social Roost. Best Rack of Lamb Ever from St. Pete Meat & Provisions.142: Datz Group Beverage Director Dean Hurst. Food News: Beef, Tacos, & Pizza.141: Chef A.J. Lambden from Kiosk Kitchen. Recipe from Delish.com Using St. Pete Meat & Provisions Chicken Thighs.140: Chef Olive Davis from Salty's Sandwich Bar. Abby Allen with her Recipe for Quesa Birria Tacos.139: Don Nguyen on all Things Asian Food. Making Korean BBQ with St. Pete Meat & Provisions138: Chris Ciarcia from the New Sauvignon Wine Locker & American Trattoria. Conversation about Quesa Birria Tacos and a Ketchup Shortage.137: Florida Food Expert Heather McPherson. News & Food from St. Pete Meat & Provisions