Art Friend Show Day 97 » Annamieka and Krista J. Brock on Turning Setbacks into Setups

The Art Friend Show with Annamieka

Oct 29 2023 • 23 mins

In Art Friend Show live stream day 97 of 100, meet Krista J. Brock, a mixed-media artist and teacher based in Clermont, Florida, whose message has become about turning setbacks into setups.

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In this interview with Krista, she recounts how a traumatic health experience in 2020 and the subsequent experience of loss made it difficult to access her artist self. Through persistence and practice, she reclaimed her artist self and created new work that is all about reinvention. In this interview she also shares examples of her work and a bit more of this story. She would love to lead a creative retreat around the idea of turning setbacks into set-ups by doing Qi Gong, journaling, painting and talking with fellow artists - finding resilience and connection as a way to heal from the isolation and loss of a set back.

Krista thank you for being a guest on the Art Friend Show, I am so touched by what you have shared and your journey!

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