Financial Bets 2021 – Investing and Trading in Music

Amplify Music Conversations

Sep 7 2021 • 28 mins

What a year in terms of buying and selling of music companies, despite the uncertainty and turmoil! Whole portfolios of music rights and entire companies have been rapidly being bought and sold. What will be the drivers for funding and acquisitions in the future? How are these acquisitions changing the music industry? We will discuss the basics behind how catalogs are valued, the importance of owning your own IP, and trends in global music finance. Speakers: Amy Baker | Co-Founder, Winston Baker Anthony Martini | CEO, Royalty Exchange; Founder, Commission Vickie Nauman | Founder, CrossBorderWorks Consulting & Advising Audio recorded from Session 14 of our 2021 Amplify Music Virtual Conference. (Support the show) (