Build Your Success

Brian Brogen

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Our Editor's Take

Brian Brogen hosts the Build Your Success podcast. It's a show about growing in business and as a person. The host talks about leadership ideas and practices. He helps listeners understand how to make their teams better.

Before starting Build Your Success, Brian became a John Maxwell Certified Coach. He holds team-building workshops. Brian also serves as a business coach through Voices for Leadership. This platform focuses on inspiring change from the top. It shows the truth–that there are many paths to effective leadership. Its content encourages business owners to learn new ways to lead their teams.

With the podcast, Brian strives to help build better leaders who can impact and improve the world. Show guests discuss their own experiences running a business and leading people. They discuss practical issues like lead generation, sourcing, and imposter syndrome. These are common challenges for people who run businesses or lead teams.

Visitors to Build Your Success also share what they've done to improve themselves. They encourage leaders in the making to take care of their mental health. Their advice is for anyone who wants to improve their work and life.

For example, Brian interviews Dave Sanderson, the author of Moments Matter. Dave was a passenger on the plane that landed in the Hudson River in 2009. He helped many of his fellow passengers evacuate the aircraft. Another guest, Stephanie Stuckey, is on a mission to revive her family's restaurant chain. She shares how traveler's nostalgia for the Stuckey's brand is the secret to bringing it back to life.

Military veteran Daniel Hammond appears on an episode to discuss how he became a transformational leader. He's a business interrogator who focuses on helping businesses reach their potential. Brian also talks to Lata Hamilton, a "change leadership and confidence" expert. She founded Passion Pioneers Australia. On the show, Lata reveals how she has created change for more than 100,000 people worldwide.

New episodes of the Build Your Success podcast arrive every other week.

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