Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life

Kyle M Case & Lil Barron

The Active Life presented by the Huntsman World Senior Games is a weekly 25 minute podcast designed to help listeners get the most out of their life. We tackle all kinds of health and wellness topics including the value of competition as part of overall active aging.
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Our Editor's Take

An active life is a good life. That is the theme of the Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life podcast. This weekly podcast is a companion to the Huntsman World Senior Games. That's the largest such sports gathering for those 50 and older worldwide. Active older adults can compete in everything from triathlon to pickleball. The "Huntsman" part of the game comes from businessman and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman Jr., who sponsors the annual event.

The Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life podcast is a weekly 25-minute podcast. Cohosts Kyle M. Case and Lil Barron promote a healthy lifestyle. While this show's target audience is 50+, anyone interested in fitness may also like it.

The show's purpose is twofold. It promotes interest in the Huntsman World Senior Games, which take place in Utah each October. Athletes from Athens to Australia take part in the games. But the Huntsman World Senior Games Active Life podcast also has another goal. It wants older adults to become active older adults. And it sees seniors as not getting older but getting better.

Each episode talks about health and fitness things that seniors need to know. They'll hear tips like how to get started on a fitness routine. Is running okay, or is racewalking or walking better? What is Tabata? What is a flexitarian diet? Listeners with questions like that will hear the answers on this podcast.

Some episodes feature interviews with health and wellness experts. In other episodes, the hosts talk to everyday people who have done great things. Like the over-50 Ironman who is still excelling in the triathlon life. Or a woman who never did any exercise until her golden years but is enjoying it now. They're not growing older. They're growing better. People of all ages and activity levels may learn something from this podcast.

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