Strengthening Communities - Ways to Engage Employees in Your Purpose

Impact Empowered

Jun 28 2021 • 22 mins

Many employees have proven that they truly care about giving back to their communities with their time. If given the opportunity and tools these individuals will help manage events, log their completed hours or acts of kindness, and even share opportunities with other coworkers to get more engaged.

Though this may be the case for those who have these natural leaders and enthusiasts to help drive volunteering, it can be an everlasting question of "How do we get our employees to participate more?".

By offering unique volunteering opportunities and incentives, we recognize more engagement and excitement to participate. This can include allowing employees to create and manage events that they care about, offering a grant to the organization they engage with, and even allowing employees to show how they contribute to being "green". This may not include hours specifically, but it is meaningful to the employee that their company cares about their passions. The programs you offer are critical to driving growth, as your employees want more options to volunteer and make a difference.

In this episode, we'll be discussing ways to engage employees in your purpose with CyberGrants Solution Architect, Leah Olivieri.

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