Sock Talk: Go Shout Love

Inspiring life despite a diagnosis

Jul 10 2020 • 14 mins

In this episode, Gerald talks with Josh Veach, the co-director for Go Shout Love. A cause-driven for-profit  business that raises funds and awareness for families on unique medical journeys.  Go Shout Love The Formation of Go Shout Love Go Should Love was first created by Kristen Estock in 2014.  She used her blog as a platform to tell a family’s story about their child who had spinal muscular atrophy or SMA.  Now Go Shout Love is a cause-driven for-profit business that raises awareness and funds for families with rare medical needs.   As a for-profit company, Go Shout Love has an online store that shares 50% of the proceeds to directly help families. Josh Veach, the co-director of Go Shout Love shared a few examples of the type of care Go Shout Love provides.  He said, “For some families that might look like helping contribute to the cost of repairing or getting a new handicapped accessible van or making their home more handicapped accessible.” Josh also explained how each month, Go Shout Love has new t-shirts in their online store that are inspired by the child they are featuring for the month. Go Shout Love’s Mission Later Josh shared what his team of seven dedicated members hope to accomplish with Go Shout Love.  He said there are two main things they are trying to achieve through their platform of Go Shout Love.  The first is the tangible gift of money, the second is the connection of story and love with others. Josh described the second goal of Goal Shout Love as the real sense of accomplishment his team and he feels. “We want these families to have a place where they’re heard and loved and supported.” The Process of Being Sponsored on Go Shout Love There are two main ways that someone can be sponsored through Go Shout Love.  Josh described the process as, “Kind of how the process works is they get nominated through our website.  Families nominate themselves or maybe a friend or family member nominates them.” After they receive a nomination they look to see if the family would be a good fit based on certain criteria. The families are then able to share their story through video.  For one month the family is featured on their website and their story is shared.  Throughout the month, all of the items on their website sold, 50% of the proceeds will go directly to the family. Challenges and Joys Working for Go Shout Love “The joys are getting to meet the families and the know that, that check we are getting ready to send is going to tangibly make a difference in their everyday life is incredibly rewarding for me.”  Josh said. Being a business is what Josh described as being challenging.  He shared, “We have to navigate tough times or low months or even in the midst of this season where the economy is in a really difficult position.  Our ability to provide not only for our families but also continue to pay our team members in a fair wage..I think the biggest challenge in the big picture is that we are limited in how many families we can help.” The Impact this Line of Work Has on Someone Josh shared how this journey has impacted his life.  He said, “When you meet people who have navigated and are navigating extremely difficult situations with grace, with strength, with courage, it is impossible to not be impacted by their stories.”  He continued by saying, “It has given me an overwhelming realignment in my perspective in my lens in how I view the world, how I view other people.  Especially people that look and act in every way possible different than me.” How to Get Involved Go Shout Love has several different avenues that people can get involved in.  They are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  You can find their website at  There you can find additional ways to get involved and find their store, podcasts, and their family stories.  “Look for the opportunity to be the good.”  These were Josh’s last words.