Living Well-MIND, BODY & SOUL

Michaela Lowicki

Hello and Welcome!!! We are Michaela and Francesca your cohosts! We are super passionate about women’s holistic health. Unfortunately, we have been lied to for decades about how we need to constantly be using technology to put a bandaid on our issues. But in reality, there is a deeper issue, and it all comes back to treating our bodies as the gift that they are. This means understanding how our bodies need to be treated - its easy to be overwhelmed by all the different opinions on what is truly the right approach to Living Well. Whether it’s nutrition, exercise, mindset, or spirituality figuring out what is truly healthy can be such a difficult never ending cycle. With this podcast, we hope to provide a deeper insight on the root problem with health in America, taking a more holistic approach and having genuine conversations with women from varies walks of life who actively strive to live well. read less
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