EP: (204) - Pushing P - Million Dollar Property Development (Guest: Will Cyrus)

Black Wealth Renaissance

Aug 24 2023 • 1 hr 21 mins

Welcome, welcome, y'all, to the latest episode of the BWR Podcast – where we're about to bring you some sizzling content, no doubt! Today, we're diving deep into a straight-up mesmerizing convo with none other than Will Cyrus, the genius behind Purpose Builder & Development, holdin' it down in the real estate arena. Hold up, 'cause Will's journey kicks off in the streets of Florida – talk about the school of hard knocks! From hustlin' smart on the block, my man hustled his way into building a legit insurance empire that's off the charts. But don't think that's the grand finale – oh no, we're just gettin' started on his real estate game. Get ready to soak in the gems, 'cause Will's spillin' the tea on how he cracked open his very first real estate deal. And that's not even the peak – we're talkin' 'bout takin' it all the way to the top, droppin' wisdom on how he's out there building those multimillion-dollar cribs like it's a walk in the park. Listen up, folks, 'cause this ain't just a talk – it's like gettin' a VIP pass into the school of street smarts turned into real-world success. So hit that play button and get ready to level up your game with some serious wisdom, mixed with a dash of real-world hustle. It's gonna be one hell of a ride! Timestamps 0:01 - Intro  0:36 - Catch up with host 7:00 - Guest intro  13:00 - The business Tupac 19:00 - How to get started in real estate development  29:00 - How he lost $30K 35:00 - How to make 6 figures selling Insurance  39:00 Know your clientele 44:20 - Pushing P  49:00 - How Real Estate Developers Change Your City 53:33 - How Developers Make Money  1:01:31 - How wealth is stolen from black neighborhoods.  Leave Us A 5 Star Rating & Review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Get Real Estate Development Made Easy - 50% off! If you're interested in advertising on the Black Wealth Renaissance podcast, please email podcast@blackwealthrenaissance.com for further inquiries. 📧 For Business Inquiries: business@blackwealthrenaissance.com   ★Subscribe on Youtube Black Wealth Renaissance - YouTube Keep Up With the Guest Instagram Keep Up With the Hosts David Bellard  https://instagram.com/david_bellard https://twitter.com/daviddagoliath_ Jalen Clark  https://instagram.com/_jclark06 https://twitter.com/jefeklap Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices