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“Black Love,” from filmmakers Codie Elaine Oliver and Tommy Oliver, displays “the other side of love that exists, that no one is showing”. Focusing on real couples from all walks of life and celebrity couples, the docu-series shares honest, emotional and sometimes cringe-worthy always-true love stories. The couples talk about how their relationships began, the road to the altar, life after children and all of the other obstacles they may have faced to make their marriages stronger than ever. For the first time, the long form interviews from each couple are being presented with new insights from Codie Elaine Oliver to provide a new experience for those familiar or new to the series. read less

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Love conquers all. This adage is what Black Love: The Interviews seeks to prove accurate. This podcast explores the relationships of Black couples who have made it through. Their love stories are capable of teaching and inspiring others.

Codie Elaine Oliver and her husband, Tommy Oliver, host this award-winning podcast. These two filmmakers created Black Love after noticing a disturbing trend. Films and media have often lacked representation of Black couples in healthy relationships. This problem led the Olivers to speak with such pairs about real love stories. These interviewees are of different backgrounds but share one thing in common. They have enjoyed years of marriage and conquered the many obstacles that come with it.

Black Love provides listeners with these exclusive interviews. Each week, spouses come on to tell their stories from start to finish. Within the hour-long timeframe, they will share how they first met. The couples may then discuss the trials and tribulations faced throughout their relationship. Family drama, marriage struggles, and parenting often arise in these discussions. These are obstacles that can sometimes make a relationship hard to keep. Such insights make these interviews as valuable as they are entertaining. Hearing how other couples persevere can help listeners through their own hardships.

In the past, this series has included many familiar faces. Singer Tamela Mann and her husband David have been on to discuss their own romantic journey. These two have stayed together for over 30 years, from friendship to marriage. Rapper Willard Hill also shows up with filmmaker and wife Quan Lateef-Hill. More celebrity couples include Tabitha and Chance Brown, Kristen and Bill Bellamy, and Devale and Khadeen Ellis. Of course, celebrity couples are not the only guests this podcast has to offer. The hosts also speak with those living outside of the spotlight.

Black Love: The Interviews is a documentary podcast for those who enjoy a good love story. Its positive outlook on love and raising blended families is refreshing. This is what makes it such a unique experience.

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Chris & Mattie James
Jun 23 2023
Chris & Mattie James
From MySpace to power couple, Chris and Mattie James have been rocking with each other since the early digital age, but they weren't always in each other's Top 8. While the two started off just as friends, they quickly found themselves as something more, and when a prophet foresaw their marriage, Chris knew it was time to propose. However, after a miscarriage, to having a child, and battling the dynamics of depression in a relationship, the communication and foundation was no longer there and the two separated. What brought these two back together? In an amazing story of love, faith and family, this 2018 interview with Chris and Mattie shares the gamut of the highs and lows that come with building a life together and is a true testament to Black Love.========The award-winning 🖤Black Love Podcast Network🖤 is back with✨ BRAND NEW ✨episodes! Since its launch in 2021, the Black Love Podcast Network has been the premiere destination for thought-provoking conversations on topics ranging from parenting and relationships to male wellness and sisterhood. As always, our community is the cornerstone of our content and we continue to want to connect with you! Make sure you’re following us on Instagram @blacklove and you can send us an email at LOVE, INC. is the premier Black-owned & operated media company for celebrating 360 degrees of Black Love. Connect with us:@blacklove on Instagram@blacklovedoc on Facebook@blacklovedoc on Twitter
Black Love Presents: Man to Man - A Black Love Wellness Series
Oct 7 2022
Black Love Presents: Man to Man - A Black Love Wellness Series
Black men, it's time to get real with each other. Wellness, self-love, finance, nutrition; these are just a few topics Black Love Inc General Manager David Wasicki will be bringing to the forefront in Man to Man: A Black Love Wellness Series. Each week the topics will change, but the insights & lessons gained from Black men of all walks of life will remain constant. Man to Man serves as a platform for men to get real-life insight directly from notable, successful men who lead with the honesty and vulnerability that Black Love is known for.  Toxic masculinity. What is it? Is it really an issue or is it some buzzword? We brought in two brothers to have a conversation about masculinity in all forms, but especially centered around being Black men: Karega Bailey, artist, educator, and angel father, and King Jay Barnett, author, speaker, and mental health therapist. Perhaps more important than the question of what is toxic masculinity is “how do we acknowledge behavior that is toxic that seems to be consistently perpetrated by men”? Honestly, there are so many questions and points asked that this is only one piece of the framework necessary for healing. But we have to start somewhere, and this is a great start with two phenomenal men.Make sure you show Karega and Jay love on ig @karegabailey and @kingjaybarnettHave suggestions on who David should go Man to Man with next? Connect with him @wasicki ========Black Love is Forever! While the docuseries has taken its final bow you can still find all things Black Love on the Black Love+ app This includes our original series Couch Conversations!  This season Kevin and Melissa Fredricks are bringing their 18 years of marriage experience, rawness, and friendship to Couch Conversations Season 4✨, now streaming on the Black Love+ App Black Love’s #CouchConversations is presented in partnership with @Target!Connect with us:@blacklove on Instagram@blacklovedoc on Facebook@blacklovedoc on Twitter