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Mattia Maurée

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063 Rethinking Change and Healing Work
Mar 17 2023
063 Rethinking Change and Healing Work
Capitalism has convinced us we have a lot of problems that we need to pay to fix. Surface-level problems usually have a product you can buy to "fix" them. Deep problems, such as feeling unworthy, don't have an easy fix.   If you are seeking to change or heal something, some general approaches I've seen work really well are: Having it reflected back to you that this is totally normal and understandableUnconditional positive regardEmbodimentReframing Increasing safetyBeing in this moment...while keeping in mind that all of these work when applied with self-kindness and no shame.    There is nothing wrong with you.   Diving deeper in some previous episodes:  Episode 10, No Perfect Method, about what works for you right now and how to trust your own intuition around teachings and teachersEpisode 5, Movement Meditation to Feel Safe (accessing embodiment, increasing safety, and being in this moment)Episode 43, Why Change Feels Uncomfortable, about why both slow and fast change can feel uncomfortable...and more about why there's nothing wrong with you! Some of the questions in this episode:  Who says this is a problem? Might this be external to me? Is this voice saying it's a problem really coming from within me, or is it the voice of someone from my past or a societal voice? In what world would this NOT be a problem? What supports or accommodations would make this not a big deal at all? Where can you get integration support? Where can you genuinely support yourself? When do you need just a little boost?     And if you would like some one-on-one support to Get Unstuck, I offer sliding scale pricing for sessions.