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Emerge and Evolve: Becoming the Leader You Were Made to Be is a series that shares insights and anecdotes into the never-ending journey of leadership and entrepreneurship. Each episode in the series features a conversation between 3Pillar Global Founder and CEO David DeWolf and a peer of his who has been instrumental in David’s growth as a leader. For more information on the podcast and to view full episodes, please visit www.DavidDeWolf.com/podcast. read less

Episode 7: Scaling Culture & Developing a Common Ideology
May 10 2022
Episode 7: Scaling Culture & Developing a Common Ideology
For any leader of a growing company, there comes a time when cultivating your culture through osmosis just doesn't cut it any more. Whether it's because you're adding more team members, expanding to new locations, or a combination of both, there will come a time when you have to be purposeful and intentional about what kind of culture you want your organization to have. David DeWolf and 3Pillar's Chief People Officer, Jamie Whitacre, discuss some of the ways they've worked to carefully craft and scale 3Pillar's culture as the company has grown to 2500 team members in 9 countries. Just a few of the topics David and Jamie cover are: Why ensuring there's a shared understanding of expectations throughout an organization is a must The importance of frequent communication that recognizes and rewards those who actively live your valuesHow 3Pillar's attention to culture pre-pandemic has helped the company accelerate its growth trajectory during the pandemicDavid and Jamie also take time to discuss Jamie's own evolution as a leader. Today, she is 3Pillar Global's Chief People Officer. Twelve and a half years ago, she joined 3Pillar in an Accounting role as her first job out of James Madison. She quickly switched to Talent, and Jamie has repeatedly risen through the ranks at 3Pillar in no small part because she understands the important role culture plays in attracting and retaining some of the best talent in the world.You can watch the full conversation with Jamie Whitacre on YouTube.