Understanding Your Analytics Maturity with Briana Brownell

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Apr 20 2022 • 23 mins

Many businesses are implementing AI technology into their systems because it allows them to operate more efficiently and effectively in their everyday operations, yet the majority of them are stuck and not progressing far enough. Some may consider this as a risk since they may not see AI's full potential, which might lead to a loss of exponential growth and competitive advantage. Briana Brownell, the Founder and CEO of Pure Strategy, joins us in this episode. She discusses the AI maturity curve and how we may assist in the transition from the beginning to the finish. She also emphasizes the need of asking the appropriate questions before digging into analytics, as well as how exciting it will be if AI technologies are truly enabled in the future. She also enthusiastically promotes her PBS show "Why We Dream."

📌Key Takeaways
✔️Where most people ending up on the maturity curve When implementing AI
✔️How to help people evolve from different phases from beginning to end
✔️How important is to know what are the right questions to ask before doing analytics
✔️AI is enabling some of the most exciting new possibilities.
✔️Data privacy and the emergence of legislation to address it

📌Quote Takeaways in this Episode
📣“the promise of A.I. is that we do not want to replace things that human can do but to allow them and assist them to come up with better result” - Brianna

📌The Speakers in This Episode
🎙️Rigvinath (Rigvi) Chevala | Profile
Chief Technology Officer, Evalueserve

🎙️Erin Pearson | Linkedin
Director GTM, Evalueserve

🎙️Brianna Brownell | Linkedin
Founder and CEO at Pure Strategy Inc.

📌Time Stamp
⌛[00:00] Introduction
⌛[01:09] Ending up on the Maturity Curve
⌛[03:12] Evolving from different phases
⌛[05:18] Finding the right questions
⌛[06:59] Developing a central system
⌛[10:33] Data analytics and AI as an Subject Interest
⌛[11:01] Exciting possibilities due to AI
⌛[18:30] Data Privacy
⌛[21:38] Brianna on his PBS show “Why we Dream”
⌛[23:02] Outro

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