Integrating AI in Your Marketing Efforts with Kirsty Grant

Decisions Now

Jul 11 2023 • 31 mins

In this installment of Decisions Now, host Erin Pearson is joined by Kirsty Grant, who serves as the International Marketing Director of Public Safety Solutions at Everbridge. Everbridge is a global software company that empowers resilience. For over 20 years, Everbridge has helped both public and private organizations navigate the unpredictable world safely, reduce costs associated with critical events, protect lives, and accelerate recovery.

Kirsty and Erin discuss a variety of topics related to AI in the marketing sphere, including:
✔️ Use cases for generative AI, especially in content creation.
✔️ The tendency of the marketing function to be at the forefront of tech adoption.
✔️ Concerns around generative AI, including issues with privacy, validating the information it provides, and potential regulations.
✔️ Consumer-facing AI is new, but AI has impacted people’s daily lives for a few years.

📌 Quote from the Episode:
📣 "The genie’s out of the bottle. We can’t put it back in." – Kirsty Grant

📌 Speakers in this Episode:
🎙️ Erin Pearson, Vice President, Marketing at Evalueserve
🎙️ Kirsty Grant, International Marketing Director of Public Safety Solutions at Everbridge